Afternoon with Horses

Event Description:

Horse riding has a long tradition in Czech Republic. Maybe you have already heard about famous competition Velká Pardubická. Our event is held during weekend, when this competition takes place! :-)

We will meet in the equestrian areal Panská Lícha. At first we will introduce ourselves, because certainly you would like to know who will you spend the horse afternoon with :-).

The event will have two parts. In the theoretical part we will discuss the history of horses and man from the past to the present and get to know the horses in the stable during cleaning and saddling. You will learn how care about these beatiful animals. Then we move to the riding hall for the practical part. Here we try to maintain balance in the saddle during the basic gait horse - step and trot. We will take a picture of you and a horse, if you are interested ;-).

The event will take place outside, only if the weather is not good, we will use the indoor riding hall.

After the training with horses we will move to the restaurant and discuss together this unique experience  ;-). 

To Take with:

We recommend sportswear, long trousers and proper shoes.


At the end of this event we will ask you for filling the special form because of the feedback. You will have the opportunity to ask for the contact to persons you would like to meet again via this form as well. If there is a match, we will share your contacts. You can find not only the lifelong partner, but also a new same-sex friend with common hobbies, e.g. yoga or beer ;-). We will share also this kind of contacts.


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