Wine Tasting


Come with us to discover wines from near and far regions, to compare them with Moravian ones, maybe with wines from your country as well and get to know new friends :-)

Event will be held IN ENGLISH.

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KDY: 26.09.2019 18:00 - 22:00

KDE: Tasting Enoteca Vindom

CENA: 550,- Kč

KAPACITA: 16 osob

VOLNÁ MÍSTA: muži: 1, ženy: 3

Event Description:

We will meet you at Tasting Enoteca Vindom, which is located in the center of Brno. It is a family company that has been operating for 20 years, equipped with tasting machine and offering wines from smaller renowned wineries from around the world. They choose wines very carefully and know personally their winemakers, so we will have an unusual gourmet experience ;-).

At first we will introduce ourselves, because certainly you would like to know who are you drinking with :-). Then the guided wine tasting gets start. We will have opportunity to compare European wine with the Moravian ones or with wines from distant Australia and New Zealand. We will taste these exclusive wines, get some salty delicacies and listen to wine expert commentary. You can make notes which wine was number one for you!

At the end of this afternoom we will have a competition in wine recognition as well! :-)

At about 10 p.m. the official program will end, but you can stay for one more glass ;-).

To Take with:

You do not need anything to take with, just good mood :-)


At the end of this event we will ask you for filling the special form because of the feedback. You will have the opportunity to ask for the contact to persons you would like to meet again via this form as well. If there is a match, we will share your contacts. You can find not only the lifelong partner, but also a new same-sex friend with common hobbies, e.g. yoga or beer ;-). We will share also this kind of contacts.


TELEFON: +420 775 276 847


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